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Each case study concerns one specific project carried out by Comcreo, providing a means to easily understand our work. When implementing our solutions, we put a lot of effort into personalising actions for a client. We analyze their market, define their problems, and develop solutions. In our case studies, we show potential benefits from working with us.


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Comcreo whiteboard from afar
Smartphone presenting Dictador ArtHouse Spirits DAO

Dictador ArtHouse Spirits DAO 

This detailed case study brings you to the world of luxury spirits tokenisation. See how we brought Dictador ArtHouse Spirits DAO to life.

Mascot of the music festival

Music festival tokens

Comcreo has successfully introduced tokens into the world of music festivals. See how we did it – read our case study.

Smartphone showing a service run thanks to blockchain technology

Tokenisation platform

Dive into another Comcreo project. This time we explain how we’ve managed to make the process of selling collectables and artworks easier.