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We specialise in tokenisation of companies, organisations, individuals, events as well as physical and digital assets.

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Case studies

We want our work to be as transparent as possible. This is where you can find out what sharing a vision results in. Let’s identify business opportunities together. Maybe you can monetise your ideas with Comcreo?

Smartphone presenting Dictador ArtHouse Spirits DAO

Dictador ArtHouse Spirits DAO 

Dictador ArtHouse Spirits DAO This detailed case study takes you on a journey to the world of luxury spirits tokenisation. See how we brought Dictador ArtHouse Spirits DAO to life.

Mascot of the music festival

Music festival tokens

Music festiwal tokens Comcreo successfully introduced tokens to the world of music festivals. Find out how!

Smartphone showing a service run thanks to blockchain technology

Tokenisation platform

Tokenisation platform Dive into another Comcreo project. This time we explain how we managed to simplify the process of selling collectables and artworks.


No two projects are the same. We put maximum effort into our our work, which is why we get so much joy out of it. Moreover, we inspire our clients with the same passion. Let their words speak for themselves.

Our offer

We believe that our clients can benefit from Comcreo’s expertise. We know that their needs can be extremely varied, so all our solutions are tailor-made. We work in a transparent fashion, providing means to accurately measure and assess progress.