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Blockchain, the Comcreo way

In early June 2022, our Tokenomic Leader Hubert Krawczyk was invited to speak on stage about blockchain and Comcreo’s ideas how to develop this technology. His presentation was short, yet full of data (and information) and provided insight into the direction our company wants blockchain to take us in the years to come.

Hubert first got into the world of IT back when he was 12 years old and as a young adult made up his mind to dedicate his academic and professional life to information technology. Half a decade ago, he got involved in blockchain – whose rise he had been closely observing from its very beginning – and now focuses on its disruptive potential.

“Blockchain is based on cryptography which is one of the most tedious fields in advanced mathematics. Explaining how it works is the least exciting parts of this adventure. What we should concentrate on are its advantages that make this technology so unique: transparency, security, decentralisation – to name just a few.”

At Comcreo, we believe blockchain has a bright future and we cannot wait for mass adoption. Presently, we see how underutilised this technology is and how its potential to help businesses evolve is being squandered. At the same time, we understand the reasons for this state of affairs, as we are familiar with the challenges that make it so unintuitive to many. The lack of a user-friendly interface, no “helpdesk”, a high entry threshold or no smooth transition from a familiar interface to a completely new ecosystem – these are some of the biggest issues internet users must confront themselves with when taking their first steps into blockchain. Luckily we are here to help as we’ve done it numerous times, both on our own and with our clients and partners.

“We must ask ourselves a simple question: Does your average Joe know how credit cards work or understand all the complex processes taking place during a cashless payment? The answer is no. But that cannot stop him from making good use of his card, now can it?”

Our solutions help unblock the vast, unlimited, and virtually untapped capabilities of blockchain. Not only do we help implement solutions with this technology at its core, we also provide holistic support for our business partners and offer them a highly intuitive interface. Take the Comcreo Marketplace as an example.

What purpose does the Marketplace serve? In simplest terms, it’s a tool for tokens and NFTs that combines Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 making the transition to blockchain as smooth as possible. Users do not have to have a cryptocurrency wallet to log in (which is a rare fix in this realm) and can pay with the Polish zloty instead of Bitcoin or Ethereum. Still there’s more to what we do than just tokens and NFTs. With experts on board such as Hubert we provide blockchain consulting and DAO development.

“Blockchain is the future and there is no escaping it. It’s a matter of evolution of the services around us. Same goes for energy – we are switching from fossil fuels to renewables. The next few years are going to be exciting, because the cryptocurrency market and the technology as a whole are becoming increasingly mature. Here’s to mass adoption!”

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